Spec .tiv

{speck-tiv} adjective

  1. The seeing, viewing, or knowledge of how to see but not sure why or how. However, understanding the outcome of a conundrum for tomorrow

  2. An individual’s unique perspective or point of view on a particular subject or situation. It encompasses their personal beliefs, experiences, and biases, which influence how they perceive and interpret information or events. Spectiv can vary widely among people based on their background, values, and lens through which they view the world.

Spec .tiv


We build tools and services to promote the adoption of new digital coupon standards and the advancement of the 8112 ecosystem.

Spec .tiv


CouponLink offers a secure and efficient way to track coupon usage, prevent fraud, and enable users to link all of their shopper credentials. Through cutting edge technology that features Decentralized Identifiers (DID) and Verifiable Credentials (VC), Spectiv is building a safe, secure, and expandable identity ecosystem.

Spectiv labs


Spectiv Labs was founded with the mission to revolutionize the coupon industry by building tools and services that provide a seamless and secure digital coupon experience for both consumers and businesses.


Universal identity for the digital coupon ecosystem and beyond

Gitsy Wallet

The industry’s premier digital coupon destination and discovery wallet

Gitsy Builder

Create and manage digital campaigns across the Gitsy platform and beyond


Gitsy is the industry’s premier digital coupon destination and discovery wallet, providing a seamless way for users to store and manage their digital coupons. Users can easily access their coupons on-the-go through the Gitsy mobile app, and redeem them at participating businesses. Gitsy also provides businesses with a powerful tool to distribute and promote their coupons to a wider audience.